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Latest Pakistan Air Force Jobs 2023

How to apply for Pakistan Air Force Jobs 2023 The Pakistan Air Force has a lot of great types of jobs, and people with low education can apply for them. I am going to explain to you what it is in this video in the full details of applying from all over Pakistan. complete so that you can get all the information in it, including how to apply for Pakistan Air Force jobs 2023, what should be your education, what should be your age, and what are the criteria, and what is the last date of application.

How to register in it, then without doing it, I will show you the entertainment of the job, then after that, I will guide you in the application procedure, so now, you can see that retirement is open in front of you. It is written that to join the Pakistan Air Force as a Religious Teacher your online registration date is from 28th August to 1st September

Deadline Of Pakistan Air Force Jobs 2023

You have till 1st September of Mains to apply online. The time is today, August 27th, so not today’s date, from tomorrow, Monday, and from August 28th, your online registration will start and you have to apply online only. What should be your qualifications, what should be your age, what should be your height, I will guide you in detail of Pakistan air force jobs 2023.

Age should be between twenty-five to twenty-eight years, then your height should be at least one hundred and sixty-three to one hundred and eighty-eight centimeters. Or should be FSC? And along with it, you should have a certificate of Dars Nizami from a certified Darul Uloom. Alright. And the rest is written in it that priority will be given to Hafaz and Quran scholars.

Wapda Jobs Apply Now 2023

Its reciters who recite the Quran etc. will be given priority. Alright. who is Hafiz? Now it is further written that the initial rank and tenure of the candidates during training, initial rank, chief technician, and after successful training will hold the rank of Assistant Warrant Officer.

Further promotion and tenure will be subject to prevailing Air Force policy and rules. That will be your starting rank. Well, now what is the procedure for further selection in this? Yes, I will tell you that. In this, your first registration will be. After that, the computerized test will be yours. There will be intelligence and personality tests. which is called After that is the third number.


Preliminary medical examination and interview will be conducted at the selection center. After that, there will be psychological tests and syllabus tests of selected candidates based on your merit. After that, the candidates selected on the basis will be interviewed by the Air Headquarters selection board at the selection center and the last thing is that the religious teachers selected on the basis of final merit will be sent to College of Education BAF Peshawar for training.

I will be re-examined now what is in it is further written yes all the candidates will be given a relaxation of one year in the upper age limit OK now it also contains details of those who are disqualified. It is mentioned here, okay, you can read it in detail of Pakistan air force jobs 2023l,


And the rest of the facilities that will be given to you are also written here that the tenure, salary, and allowances are okay and after that it is free. There will be food and accommodation after training married people will be given accommodation as per the prevailing policy of PAF. What is free for family and parents will be medical facilities.

The rare opportunities of deputation will be a fifty percent discount on rail and conventional travel, then children’s education in educational institutions, then discounted travel to pay the obligatory Hajj, and membership of residential schemes in Pakistan Air Force is fine. All the facilities will be available to you,

Required Qualification

Now it is written below that the eligible candidates are the original documents below which are your certificates of FSC of metric and then those of the teaching industry including detail mark sheets, etc. D-card, after that, you have four passports, their photos, what they have, what they have, what they have, along with what they have, you will get the date of the test for Pakistan air force jobs 2023.

After that, the selection center is here, all over Pakistan, Their address is also written and the contact number is also given, so you can contact this number for any information, so now online. The official website is WWW dot joint PAF dot GOV dot PK on this website you have to go to apply and only those people can apply in it.

Information About Air Force Jobs

Those who need to have knowledge about computers because the test will be conducted only on computers, so it is important to have information and knowledge about computers and how to operate a computer for pakistan air force jobs 2023.

Yes, let me tell you where you have to do it. Apply online. Yes, you have to go to Google. After coming to Google, you have to write join PAF. , then you will write join PAF. The very first website

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