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How to apply for asf jobs You often see that whenever there is a job announcement in ASF, there are as many as four hundred and three hundred. Well, this time, the recently announced jobs are about seven hundred or six hundred jobs. They divide them into our Four provinces Punjab, Balochistan, KPK and Sindh, FATA, and Azad Kashmir,

This should be the case, everyone has the right to do so. For the same post, ninety posts, a maximum hundred posts are saved. And then we see that the province which has the highest population t, then 80,000 people, 90,000 people, or even 200,000 people apply. Like FIA became FBR, NAB became more than that, many people come but not many people are interested in it, what is the reason, our facilities are given to them because people are so crazy,


The only department behind the job. which people want to join even after graduation even if it is not a post of corporal constable i.e. BPS seven which is their scale of corporal, if any graduation means if any employee has graduated BA Hobs if he gets this post, he will not miss this chance. Often you have seen that as many females as there are in Pakistan, they are not so interested in other departments like FIAF.

ASF Jobs
ASF Jobs

Apart from BR, NAB and many other such federal Mocks are there but those who are in Pakistan mostly take more interest in this department. Well, you must have heard that the post of corporal in ASF, if a corporal gets selected, then they give him accommodation, medical accommodation, all other rations, etc., or many other facilities.

How To Apply

And I have also heard that if someone is meritorious or gets married after selection, then such facilities are also given to him. Accommodation is arranged by the department itself. This is one of the reasons why most people apply for it. Recently, maybe five hundred or six hundred vacancies were announced, but many people applied.

Well, they will discuss it later and make a separate about how the physical, etc. will be. But our topic today is that. They have to compare with the police and ASF of the rest of the provinces what is their salary? What is their training?

Pak Army Civilian Jobs Apply 2023

And what is the training of ASF? Compared to the rest of the provinces, the salary of Punjab Police is the highest, so we have chosen Punjab Police for this comparison. To get BPS Seven Constable recruitment in Punjab Police you should have matric ah minimum education and other requirements will also be discussed.

Your fifty percent marks should be in matriculation and besides you do in science, do in arts, there is no that. In the beginning, the criterion of both is the same. Matric should be your collocation fifty percent marks same for SF and ah same for Punjab Police.

Criteria OF ASF Jobs

If you fulfill all these then you are shortlisted and called for a physical. Physical examination starts at five o’clock in the morning and Punjab Police starts between eight and seven o’clock in the morning. the first thing that happens in ASF is the race, then your height is checked and chest measurement is done, along with medical, what happens in medical is your eyesight check, and ear check.

In addition, many people have cut their hands, broken bones, and often cut their wrists with blades. These people are rejected. Very. So, any recommendation in this institution, there are many people who say that man, I will pay so much money, I will do this, Last date to apply is 31 August 2023

Call Interview

I will pay the fee, I will pay that, I will get selected, but this is not all, it is all a drama, you should not read them. Punjab Police physicals start at seven o’clock in the morning and run for 1400 meters compared to ASF, which is 1600 meters.

One point six kilometers, you have to cover it in seven and a half kilometers, but you are given seven minutes in the Punjab Police. Ah, if you have passed all this, the height is checked. In Punjab police, medical and physical do not happen together, medical is after the interview, but in SFS, your medical will be at the start and also at the end after the interview.

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