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Latest FPSC Jobs 2023

How to apply for fpsc jobs The government of Pakistan has announced the jobs of lecturers all over Pakistan which females from all over Pakistan can apply for fpsc jobs, Let’s go to our side, first of all, we will see the advertisement, after that I will also tell you how to apply for fpsc jobs, so in this, these jobs of lecturer, per mile, seventeen scales have come in which they will be permanent.

It will not be on a three-year contract basis and will be from the Federal Government. FPSC is administered by the Federal Public Service Commission. So these are from the Ministry of Defence. So the minimum qualification that you will have in this will be second class and grade C master’s degree equivalent, those who have master’s can apply for fpsc jobs

Qualification Of FPSC Jobs

Other than that no one else can apply for fpsc jobs less than a master’s degree, so a master’s degree in this category means category Next you have been given in this category, and Arabic people can also apply. There are two sets of Arabic, two sets after that, two sets of Botany, and one set of business administration.

Fpsc job
Fpsc jobs

Chemistry has six seats, commerce has one set, e-commerce has eleven, economics has eleven, and English has fifteen, so all these seats are given below, after which you have passed this age limit. It has to be seen that in the age limit, you are between twenty-two to twenty-eight, which you can apply within it, after that plus five years general relaxation in upper age limit, that is, you are allowed by the government.

How To Apply

Five years rule will be given, they also apply in fpsc jobs, and only females can apply it after this domicile quota has been told, there are 50 open merits from Punjab, so you have to see this advertisement to remove the advertisement. I will tell you the complete method so let’s move on to applying for fpsc jobs online, first of all, you have to set up a website FESC, then you have to set up a website first.

If you have to open the link, something like this will open the site in front of you, then this is the official site of the Federal Public Service Commission, so we have given these different links in it, we have clicked on the GR exam. What is to be done is general recruitment. If you click on it, then a page with such an introduction will open in front of us, then you will see a box on the side.

MCB Bank Jobs Apply 2023

If you want to go, you have to click on the current advertisement in it, then it starts showing your advertisement in front of you, so you have to click on it, then you have given three links. There is a view advertisement, so if you want to see it, then you have to click on it, then that advertisement comes in front of you, then this same advertisement appears, after that, you have to go back, so first of all you have to go back.

Let me tell you that in order to apply you have to first download your challan, download the challan and fill it up, after filling it up you have to pay the challan in the bank, after paying you have to pay your challan. If you want to complete the online process, then we have seen the advertisement, after that, we will make the challan, then this is our challan, then you have to fill up the challan.


Here you have to write your bank name, and after that, there will be a bank code, they will give you the code of the bank, and you have to write it here, and after that, you have to write the branch code of the bank, after that, the candidate has to write his name.

After that, you have to write the ID card number, after that, you have to write the case number here, the case number will be your advertisement, and you will see the case number on the corner first. I am also giving you the case number that you have to write as if you are being asked here, this is all your case number.


After writing the amount to be given, you have to come down, you have to write the amount of three hundred rupees here, which you have to take, whatever you have given according to your post, after that, you have to write Rupees here.

I have to write it, and after that, you have to fill all four in the same way. After filling out all four, you have to submit it to a bank, national bank. The line link is given, you have to click on it, you can also do it online

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