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New Pak Navy Jobs 2023

How to apply for Pak Navy jobs Civilian jobs have arrived, You can apply for Pak Navy jobs mail-by-mail, and you can apply for pak navy jobs from all over Pakistan, You have to visit our official website, and review Pakistani jobs, You can also search on Google, In addition to this, in the description.

I will also give the link here, you will click on the three lines on the side, you have to click on the government jobs, you will come to this interface, from here you have to scroll down, okay, you can also see the advertisement from here. are. I will tell you the details about Pak Navy jobs now. Apart from this, you can also join our WhatsApp group.

Pak Navy Jobs 2023

Apart from this, you can also see the popular post here. With this, you will be notified of the daily upcoming jobs. Who can apply here for Pak Navy jobs.. will not go into much detail.. first of all, this is good for those with high knowledge. These are the Jobs of Islamabad Headquarters.

The Navy is fine. After that, here below is for lawyer formation, This is for Karachiites, you will have to do the job in Karachi and for the above ad, you will have to do it in Islamabad. The educational qualifications will tell you, the rest you have to check the quota yourself.

Required Qualification

First of all, there is an assistant, bachelor’s degree, then data entry operator, bachelor’s degree, photographer, metric education, UDC, and intermediate education. Must have LDC, should have metric education. It is financial, it is in the ground, it is watchman, all of them should have primary pass education.

It is okay and here those with local domiciles in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and Karachi can apply and no one can apply here for v. These are the vacancies you will have to apply for pak navy jobs in Karachi. These are civil apprentice jobs. Well, there are one and a half hundred vacancies here.

How To Apply

Are you OK You can only apply by mail from all over Pakistan for this post now if you apply here from Balochistan then forty-five percent of your marks should be three years after that you have to submit a bond? 8 years is fine, so you can apply here, you can only apply by mail, after that these jobs in Karachi have come. the examiner should have metric education hen the assistant examiner FSC should be in physics and chemistry in electrical

The draftsman should have metric education in mechanical and should have a year’s diploma in mechanical Next draft is electrical a year diploma should be in metric after electrical then the draft to mechanical is ok metric and metric and a year diploma in mechanical should be followed by electrical diploma in three years to electrical is metric three One year Diploma in Electrical should be fine.

Pak Army Civilian Jobs Apply 2023

Assistant storekeepers must have intermediate education. Lady Health Visitor should have a Matriculation Certificate of Lady Health Visitor should be Diploma. Librarians should have matriculation education followed by junior instructor should have matriculation education. Receptionists should have intermediate education. Storemen should have a matriculation education.

Draftsman is free mechanical you must have a mechanical draftsman certificate and must have matric education. There should be a matric education course here, you should be an engine driver, you should have a middle-class education here, you should have a driving license and you will also have a trade test. There are stable police vacancies here, Lahore, Karachi, Dom Sil can apply, matric and minimum five feet seven inches height.


It should be six by six. Laboratory attendants are matric science should be signed. Tracer is fine. Here, you can apply for the Karachi Division Dom. You must have metric education. There is Khadim Masjid. You must have metric education. Here you have to check the domicile.

For Laskar, you should have metric for Laskar, You should be literate here for the bookbinder, Now they have also given the note here, that all vacancies except ten, fifteen, and forty-four are online. OK, then you have to do online registration for them,

The last date is from August 27 to September 10, and the registration will start from tomorrow. You have to apply online except for 10, 15, and 44 vacancies, For them, you have to apply the application form on their website and you have to send it to their address.


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