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Latest Punjab Police Jobs 2023

How to apply for Punjab police jobs If you will discuss the SSA and PSA jobs in Punjab Police in full detail, then the full details of these jobs such as their qualification, how to apply for Punjab police jobs, their duties, their pay, and their preparation. Regarding the jobs of PSA and SSA in Punjab Police, SSA stands for senior station assistant, and PSA stands for police station assistant, so those who are in their scale are those of PSA, police station. Assistant’s scale is seven and SSA’s scale is nine.

Currently, these jobs will be on contract but later they will be made permanent, so what is their qualification? I will also tell you that SS is a senior station assistant and the age limit for Punjab police jobs is from eighteen to twenty-five years for men and women i.e. for males, females, and transcenders, and the district in which they are applying for Punjab police jobs. It is important for you that you have the identity card and domicile that you have there, apart from that your qualification must be ICS means FA or Dcom, Icom, or FSC.

Required Qualification

If you have then you can not apply for Punjab police jobs just ICS is required for that also if you have BCS or BS then you will be given preference also for that three years of Experience is also required, whereas for Police Station Assistant PSA, the age limit is up to twenty-five years and there are other things for him, only that he has the experience for SSA.

There is no one here, meaning if you are, you can do it. However, the typing speed they have done is that for English you should be thirty-five minutes, and for Urdu, it should be twenty-five minutes. I will also discuss with you how to fill it, I will show it on your screen now. If you want, you can also download the form from the official website of the Punjab Police Jobs. The fee is two thousand rupees, which you will have to submit in cash.

Last Date To Apply

The next thing is that you have to submit these things to the police line of your respective district. Apart from this, the last date for Punjab police jobs is 24 August 2023 if you are already doing a job in a government sector, then it is for you you also have to get NOC from that department, then its selection process is in such a way that you have written test first.

After the written test, the successful candidates will take the skill test, which is a typing test, and after that, those who will be successful will be interviewed again and the percentage they It is three-one means for one set the candidates will be called for the interview. Apart from that, I will discuss with you the next thing. The rest of the things in it are casual things that go on in the department, which means the rest is also written in the ad.

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Yes, I have one more important thing to share with you. The question is often asked that these jobs will not be canceled. Because of the session that is going on right now, the supervisory setup that is going on within Punjab, and also by the election commission, it may happen that if these jobs are canceled, then the jobs that have come, the election commission plus the provincial cabinet of Punjab.

It has been published after the approval which means that these jobs will not be canceled, which means that there is no link with the election. I will also share the number of vacancies with you. so these are of the senior station assistant, first in front of you, then of the police station assistant, that is, of PSA, for those who are one twenty-two, total S SA key

Criteria Of Punjab Police Jobs

Nine forty are PSA keys so if you have ICS then you must apply for it. Because what is his pay, I will tell you about his pay and duties after applying more in front, but this is a very good opportunity and you must avail of it. After that comes how to fill out the form, so this form is shown on your screen,

so you have to fill out the form in English. It is given for your convenience and it is also mentioned that you should use ball points for filling the form. First of all, the name of the post is written. You should write the name of the post you are applying for Punjab police jobs. After that, you have to write the district of your domicile, apart from that you have to write which quota you are coming under or you are applying for female quota, you have to do it on open merit. Must mention also if you are employed by someone like I mentioned earlier.

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