health department jobs

New Health Department Jobs(NIC)2023

How to apply for health department jobsThe National Institute of Child Health is the department for you. It is the Department of Children. It is children. It is also known as NICH, there are great vacancies in it. This is the above phone number and you can also confirm by contacting them through this email. You should also see the number of vacancies and according to this calculation, the salaries of the vacancies are the highest. What they need here is a consultant. Well, the consultant who is is ah pad or ah patriotic medicine

And what’s inside the surgery they should. The salary will be two lakh seventy-five thousand rupees and the age limit is maximum. What’s in the consultant is Medicine, Gastro, Gastrology, Nephrology, Neurology, that’s all their own, look at the medical feeds, they need Plastic Surgery, Orthopedic, Surgery, that’s what they need here.

Criteria Of Health Department Jobs

The requirement is that you must have done MBBS by PMD, right? If you have MBBS or any equivalent then you apply for health department jobs FSC AH F AH FCP is fine FCPS or above in a relevant subject recognized by PMD is fine The experience you have is any, it is fine from a teaching care hospital, your experience is at least four years, that is the experience they have asked for.

health department jobs
health department jobs

Apart from that, the salary will be two lakh rupees, the maximum age is fifty years, they have told, so the requirement is the same to the same, MBBS and other things are the same and the experience for health department jobs they have here is what they have. Is requested experience is not written here but the experience is requested by them Pharmacist Salary 70000 Rupees 40 years old and above Registered with Pakistan Pharmacy Council Accredited by HEC Doctor of Pharmacy should be your degree,

Given Facilities

Two years of experience, two to three years of experience is required for health department jobs, for medical technologists, and the salary will be Rs. 70,000. Well, what is your education here is the minimum master’s degree you are asking for, well related to that you must have three years of experience in a reputed hospital, well after that is the staff.

There are nurses, the salary will be fifty-five and a half thousand rupees, in which general operation theater, ICU is fine, NICU is after that, turn on the burns, fine, all this is yours. You have done B.Sc. It is ok. The nursing course is called Sath. After that they have asked for three years of experience. Your qualification in computer applications should be preferred. Female candidates are preferred. It will be given,

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It belongs to a woman, her salary will be thirty-seven thousand rupees, thirty-five years of age at most, you will see what is in these things, they will keep you. Yes, they need you technical technician should be matriculated with a science diploma or certificate from medical faculty have three years experience in a hospital know how to run computer applications, etc what do to apply for health department jobs

You have to go to his and download the form, you have to send it by post to the Executive Director National Institute of Child Health, Rafiq HJ Shaheed Road, Karachi. And you have to give this along with the reference.

Last Date To Apply

What follows is the name of the post on the envelope in which you are applying for health department jobs. Well, it must be written. And after that, the last date for health department jobs is August 30. . rest of that, a short disc will be taken for the written test interview, for more information, the phone number is given, you can contact it through email, so all these things that I told you

Now let’s go to the website, I’ll show you where the form is. It’s fine. You’ll come to the website of the national institute. It’s fine. If you come under dot p, see this job. The form is dated 11th August. Download the job form. this is the job form. I clicked on it. It has opened.

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