University Jobs In Pakistan

New University Jobs In Pakistan 2023

How to apply for university jobs in Pakistan Both men and women can apply to t the University of Sargodha. People with less education can also apply because there are also recruitments in class IV. First of all, I will show you this job, and after that, I will guide you through the application process. So, as you can see here, yes, the University of Sargodha is number two thousand, and twenty-three is Saturation Weekend, you can see that there are quite a lot of vacancies in University Jobs In Pakistan, you can see this.

Both men and women and people with low education such as primary mental matric can apply. So the first thing is that we start from here from the first vacancy that if there is a seat in it your regular education should be BSc in Engineering in Civil plus MBA is fine. What age is it should be yours, it should be equipped with it.

Required Qualification

After that the second vacancy is Director Information Technology Services one set is regular in it what are your qualifications if you also have Ph.D. in computer science or IT or telecommunication system then you can get this job. You can apply for University Jobs In Pakistan if you have done MSc in Computer Science in IT or Telecommunication Systems or if you have done a Masters’s degree or B.S. In computer science IT or in telecommunication systems you can also apply for this job, your age should be 40 to 50 years then the third vacancy is deputy director. IT services are two of them.

Your qualification should be MS or MPhil in Computer Science IT or Telecommunication Systems. Or if you have a master’s degree or BS in CS in IT or telecommunication systems then you can apply for University Jobs In Pakistan. Your age is required from twenty-five to forty-five years for University Jobs In Pakistan. Then the database administrator has a set of you in it. Masters degree or BS Honors if you have done so.

Required Vacancies Of University Jobs In Pakistan

Sam Qualification which I have told you above. Omar is still Sam today. Then the network supervisor is set. You can apply if you have done Masters in Computer Science. The age should be up to your thirties. Don’t be afraid of it. Then the system administrator is set. MS or MPhil if you have done. You can read details from here in the relevant field or if you have done Masters’s degree or B.S.

You can still apply for University Jobs In Pakistan, you should be between twenty-five and forty-five. After that there are two sets of Computer Computer Programmer Master’s degree should be in Computer Science Age limit is thirty. After that, there is one seat for Assistant Engineer Civil, and you have also done B.Sc. Engineering. The age limit is thirty years and then an Assistant Director of Sports per mail is required for University Jobs In Pakistan here one set Masters’s Degree in Physical Education Your age should be up to thirty-five years here then two sets of Assistant Librarians.

FWO Jobs In Pakistan 2023

You must have a master’s degree in library sciences and be up to thirty years old. After that, there are five seats for Library Assistants. You can also apply if you have done a Master’s in Library Sciences or Bachelors in Library. Your age should be between twenty-one to thirty years. After that, there are three sets of Assistant Computer Programmers: BBCS if you have done Computer Science or BSc if you have done in Computer Science.

You can also apply. The edge that is in it is twenty-one to thirty. There are four sets of labs. Education If you have done MSc or BSc, you can also apply. Age should be from twenty-one to thirty years then there are four sets of network administrator BCS if you have done. So you can apply your age is a set of 21 to 30 senior draftsmen you should have a diploma in RT architecture or civil your age should be 21 to 35. Last Date Is 12 September 20223 After that, there is a set of web developer BCS education that should be yours.

Age Criteria Of University Jobs In Pakistan

Age should be 21 to 30 and after that there is one seat in hardware technician order technician education should be intermediate. In this, you should have a diploma in computer science with you. Your age is from eighteen to thirty years, after that there are three seats for Assistant State Officers.

And what is in it is Ah X who is NAB subedar should be X service man or even if you have done ambassadors degree then you can apply age should be from twenty-one to forty-five years. There are two seats for an assistant security officer in it what is your qualification naib subedar or MPA any an army person yes you can apply age is from thirty to fifty years after that technician electronics seven in it Seats are G Diploma of Associate Engineer Engineer.

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