PAF Jobs 2023

New PAF Jobs 2023

How to apply for Paf jobs 2023 There is good news for the male and females of all Pakistan Pakistan Air Force has announced the recruitment of general duty GD pellet 2023 males and females to apply your age height which subject you are I am going to give the complete information about what qualifications you should have, how good your vision should be, what will be your selection procedure, who will take your test and which one will be taken.

If you are interested to join the Pakistan air force easy AGD plat. For the complete information of GD Plut Mail and Per Mail Major Recruitment, you have to Google Ijaz PK.XYZ, the first link that will appear in front of you is Ejaz PK Today Govt Job. You have to open it, you can see that all the articles have been given on the job website,

Last Date To Apply For PAF Jobs 2023

August 2023, if you click on this link, then you will get some information from A to G. Initial information has been given, you have to read it out, after that, you will download what is there, so here you can see that these jobs are on a permanent basis, you will have to do jobs in Pakistan Air Force. And Females can apply for Pakistani your nationality should be Azad Jammu Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan mail and female Aliji.

His registration started on 16th August and will continue till 24th August 2023. Now let me tell you the eligibility criteria that you should have to join Pakistan Air Force Easy AGDP Plate? First of all, I will tell you about the mail, then I will tell you about the mail, so your age for the mail should be sixteen to twenty-two years. Mail Citizens should be Pakistani.

Federal Board of Revenue of Pakistan

Status You’re unmarried and should be well-married. Your height requirement is five feet four inches which is one sixty-three centimeters visions your vision should be six by six without glasses. The qualification you have should be FSC, Pre-Engineering, Pre-Medical, and Computer Science, with 60% marks or if you have qualifications in Physics and Mathematics, Orbology then you can still apply for paf jobs in 2023.

You can see that FSC with Physics and two subjects which are Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, and Biology, if these two subjects are with them then you can apply for paf jobs 2023. Your training will be for three years. Now I am going to tell you by mail, the criteria that your age should be sixteen to twenty-two years. Per Mail Citizens of Pakistan can apply you must be unmarried.

Required Qualification Of PAf Jobs 2023

Your required height is five feet four inches which is one sixty-three centimeters. Your joe should be six by six without glasses qualification as your joe is required. If you have done FSC Pre-Med in Pre-Engineering or Computer Science then you are eligible to apply but you should have 60% marks if you have done A Level with Physics and Biology then you are eligible to apply.

paf jobs 2023 advertisement page
paf jobs 2023 advertisement page

To apply if you have done FSC physics and the other two subjects out of these two subjects then you can apply your training should be three years if you are GDP If you want to go to the syllabus, then this link is given, you can go to this link to know which tests are taken for GD board, which subjects are tested, then how to apply online. To apply for the line, you have to go to the official website of the Pakistan Air Force and go there and register online.

Criteria Of PAf Jobs 2023

The on-station has started from August 16 and will continue till August 24, 2023. If you don’t have an internet facility then these selection centers are given, you can go to these selection centers and get registered. So what will be your selection procedure, first of all, your online registration will be done. After that, your tests will be taken in which your intelligence test and academy test will be taken. After that, your medical examination and interview will be conducted.

After that, there will be a psychology test for those candidates who have cleared this test. After that, your interview will be conducted by the Air Headquarters Special Board and then the final medical examination will be conducted at CMB Lahore.

After that, your final interview will be conducted by the Air Headquarters team after which your final selection and merit list will be made you can see this advertisement announced by Pakistan Air Force. You can also read out and download it. And can get more information. The rest you can take from this advertisement or any other information if you want.

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