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Latest Police Jobs Vacancy 2023 Pakistan

How to apply for police jobs A lot of children were asking for the vacancies that came from the Punjab police, who can apply to them for the posts of senior station assistant and police station assistant, apart from ICS, and the age for that. How much is the discount? As they have clearly not written in the advertisement. Twenty-five years are written on eighteen sides.

People who don’t know the policy. Now these people were confused as to how much edge relaxation there is. So in this regard, I have made this video today so that I can tell you how much age relaxation is who can become ICS, and who else can apply for police jobs Other than ICS, which qualification can be applied for it? I am sharing the proof of this with you, this notification has been given.

Required Age Limit

What will be the process of edge relaxation? It was issued on nineteen eight two thousand twenty-three. For Edge Relaxation Guidelines. Age Relaxation Guidelines R Required PSA is for Police Station Asst. Age relaxation rules are as per this notification.

police jobs
police jobs

This notification is about how age relaxation will be done what will be the process and how much age relaxation will be given besides ICS combinations of subjects ICS combination of subjects has been asked.


When the police how the subjects of the ICS combination, they said that any combination of subjects in the certificate or degree title as ICSI, any degree with the title of ICS is yours. According to you, people can apply i.e.

Icom etc. cannot apply for ICS People can apply for police jobs Besides MS Office is Mandatory with ICS and Advise ICS whoever has done it MS Office Certificate is Mandatory or not he also said that YMS Office Certificate is Mandatory along with ICS for those who have ICS degree M. Must have S Office Certificate.

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BS Combination of Subjects So they have said that Ah S, in computer science and IT may be preferred over those who have done BS and IT with Computer Science then those people will be preferred BSc. combination of subjects are those applicants who did BSc in computer science, he has again told the same thing,

DI in computer apply in IT or otherwise, so he has told me that those who have DIE cannot apply for police jobs. No ICS is basic criteria Those applicants who did DIE in computer IT are not eligible for P.S. and are not eligible for both A and SSA.

Procedure Of Police Jobs

Apart from this, someone has also asked that he has said the same about DI that DI people cannot apply in police jobs. They have asked about the age relaxation guidelines for senior station assistants, so they have told the same as you can see according to the notification of 2023. I am showing that notification to you now. SSA and PSA,

he said yes, three years of experience in the government sector is applicable as well as the private sector, that is, it will be applicable to the government sector or the private sector. I am also showing the age relaxation notification in which age relaxation has been mentioned. about age relaxation.

How To Apply

If you want to apply for age relaxation, you should take this notification along with the printouts of the new notification so that you don’t face any difficulty in applying. If you guys don’t have this notification available, then you guys can get these notifications from me by SMSing me on this given number on WhatsApp. In addition, let’s see how much age luxation is.

So the age limit for men is five years and for Ah-Mel candidates up to eight years is four per mile for women up to eight years. According to this notification, men up to thirty years can apply and women up to thirty-three years can apply for this job. Apply for it before the last date is 15 September

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